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07 Mar
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Benefits, Rights and Responsibilities of members


a/. Results of advocacy actions by GHATOF.

b/. Services that help to improve members’ business that they cannot Obtain elsewhere, such; power of unity and affiliation, benefits of collaboration and synergy, recognition and enhanced prestige, access to training and education through GHATOF. Access to service providers, access to marketing promotion and increased visibility of your business, consulting services (e.g. planning, process, etc.

c/. Welfare matters

d/. Arbitration and conference resolution


a/.All members shall have the right to participate in the formulation and implementation of policies programmes and decisions of GHATOF and in the furtherance of this shall have reasonable access to information needed for the exercise of this right.

b/.Members may request the assistance of GHATOF in labor and legal matters and in issues involving state and parastatal institutions and agencies, foreign organizations and private sector  bodies and institutions.

c/.Members shall have the right to proper and transparent accounting of GHATOF’s funds.

d/. Members shall have equal right to nominate candidates for election to national offices subjects to Article 13 (2) (b) and (c) of this constitution.

e/. Members shall be entitled to copies of all annual reports of GHATOF


a/. Members shall defend the constitution and work towards the realization of the objectives and purposes of GHATOF

b/. Members shall accept the authority of the Annual General Congress, the Governing Council and the decision bodies working on the authority of these organs.

c/. Members shall implement decisions of the annual general congress, the Governing Council and of bodies working on the authority of these organs

d/. Members shall recognize GHATOF as their official mouthpiece in the Tourism Industry

e/. Members shall submit copies of their Annual report to the Federation

f/. Generally members may seek the assistance of GHATOF in the resolution of disputes.


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