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07 Mar
By: Ghatof 1


Membership of GHATOF shall be voluntary and shall be open to business establishments and voluntary associations residing or carrying on business within the Republic of Ghana.

Membership of GHATOF shall be acquired by the completion and submission of membership form, payment of membership fees as determined in terms of clause 14.2.1, by the General Assembly at the Annual General meeting of GHATOF and in fulfillment of GHATOF’s minimum membership requirements as determined by the Governing Council from time to time.

Each member shall be issued with a membership identity certificate and a copy of the constitution by the National Secretariat. The membership certificate shall remain the property of GHATOF.

A member association can withdraw its membership provided such member is not indebted to GHATOF.
Where such a member is indebted to GHATOF, the debt owned shall first be paid.

The member association shall then surrender any Federation property in their custody including the membership certificate to GHATOF.

In the case of an office bearer, a written notice of four (4) weeks shall be required.

Any member who is more than 3 (three) months in arrears in respect of membership dues shall participate in the deliberations of GHATOF without the right to vote on any issue.

Any member who is more than 6 (six) months in arrears in respect of payment of dues shall lose the right to vote at meetings and shall not offer himself/herself for executive office.

A member association which wants to contest for a place on the Governing Council should be free of debt to GHATOF for at least the last two consecutive years.

GHATOF members shall put the GHATOF logo at the bottom of their letterheads as a sign of accreditation.

There are four categories of Membership
Any registered association and professional bodies having business activity related to services in the tourism, hospitality and leisure industry.

Full members must have been in existence as a legal entity for at least two years and accept the principles laid down in this Constitution.

The following shall be eligible to be associate members of GHATOF. Any association whose activities, though not strictly linked to tourism are essential to the operations of the industry. Associate members may not vote nor may they serve on the Governing Council. They may, however, be co-opted to appropriate committees, can attend all sessions of the Annual General Meeting and receive publications of GHATOF.


The following shall be eligible as affiliate members of GHATOF. Affiliate membership shall be conferred on organizations or bodies who are active in industrial, social, economic and environmental areas that impact positively on the development and growth of tourism.

A second group here is made up of EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS OR MEDIA ESTABLISHMENTS, which produce skilled manpower, carry out research, and consultancy services for the tourism, hospitality and leisure industry.

Honorary Membership of GHATOF may be bestowed upon an organization or establishment who in the eyes of the Membership have contributed and continue to contribute in an outstanding manner to the objectives of GHATOF. Nominations are submitted to the Governing Council and ratified by the Annual General Assembly.

Honorary members may not vote, nor may they serve on the Governing Council, nor will they be required to pay membership fees.


The Governing Council may recommend that GHATOF may affiliate, associate, or cooperate with any organization, institution or society having objectives identical to those of this Federation.

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