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07 Mar
By: Ghatof 1

Powers and Duties

GHATOF shall have all the powers and duties necessary to enable it to fulfill its objectives and without limiting the generality of the a foregoing, shall have the following powers and duties.

In consultations with the member Associations, hire, pledge, lease, purchase or otherwise acquire, let, sell, exchange or alienate, mortgage, burden with servitude or confer any real right in, immovable property.

Negotiate or cooperate with any government, regional, metropolitan, municipal, district or community with regard to any matter which is directly or indirectly aimed at the achievement of the objectives of GHATOF.

In consultation with member associations, open and administer offices which may be necessary or advisable for the effective and proper exercise of GHATOF’s powers and the carrying out of its duties.
Acquire insurance cover

For itself against any loss, damage, risk or liability which it may suffer or incur; and
For the members of the executive Committee, sub-committees, area committees and the member associations’ employees in respect of bodily injury, disablement or death resulting solely and directly from an accident occurring when performing their duties as employees.

Open and conduct banking accounts at a bank as defined in the BANK’S ACT.

Draw up, make, publish and make available books, guides, maps, publications, photographs, films, videos and similar matter intended to inform persons in the country or elsewhere, of tourist attractions and services alone or in cooperation with others.

Gather, evaluate and process information relating to tourism and sell or otherwise make such information available to persons who are engaged in the tourism industry.

Give marketing advice and guidance to persons who are engaged in the tourism industry, if appropriate for a fee.

Provide all necessary assistance to the associations with regard to the grading, classification and accreditation of incentive schemes and systems, and with regard to the administration of such schemes and systems.

Promote and develop tourism awareness and participation by local communities in the activities of GHATOF.
GHATOF shall exercise all its powers and duties in accordance with a budget and business plan approved by the Annual General Meeting.

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  • Emmanuel

    Going through this document it is so encouraging and it gives hope to the association. How are we getting things mentioned in the document workable and available to trade associations?

    • 6:53 am - January 26, 2019

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